Saturday, December 10, 2011

Censorship craze

Artistic creations in Lebanon is facing a new challenge with the recent announcement about canceling the long-awaited screening of Beirut Hotel in Lebanon theaters by the censorship committee. As suggested, the film was banned due to political reason, not for the intimate scenes inside, it was considered as it would "endanger Lebanon's security"! We hope that this decision will be reverted quickly and witness the release of the film soon in Lebanon.

We take this occasion to hope best luck for the director Danielle Arbid during the screening of this movie in Dubai during the DIFF. Apparently the margin of freedom is getting wider in Dubai, in contrast to Beirut.

Note: Thanks for the Independist for pointing out to this sad story.

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Independist said...

WoW :) Thanks for the mention!!
Another update: ARTE will broadcast Beirut Hotel on January 20 at 2130 Beirut Time (i think). So peeps inside Lebanon should record, upload and disseminate!Let's circumvent censorship.