Friday, May 9, 2008

Under the bombs - تحت القصف

Trailer of "Under the bombs"

Latest movie by Philippe Aractingi, this is an entire new movie, from a concept point of view. No one will deny the new experience that you will enjoy watching. This piece of art will take the human being into another level, and reveal the unmatched experience of a mother in a quest for a lost child amid the atrocity of an indiscriminate war.
So, as mentioned before, the concept is rather new, it's somewhat a fiction movie, yet it have been shot in an improvised way in the following three days after the fighting ended. You'll find mixed shots between 'real' stories, and fictions, thus pushing emotions further. You'll find the line blurred between those scenes showing a talent in directing, and acting and which underlines the capacity of the director to handle documentaries and fiction easily.
Actress Nada Abou Farhat have already been in an Aractingi long feature 'Bosta', but her role gives another dimension of her talents by looking at the difference between both movies (which emphasize the director as well). Georges Khabaz was moving as well.
The movie have been released in Lebanon last December, and is scheduled for release May 14 later this month in France. Though, One issue remains unclear : the movie was aired on French TV two weeks before its release in Big screen, which is usually done in a reverse way, and after a longer period of time. This question remain to be answered. I understand arte contribution to the movie, but this was the case of 'Caramel' as well as other movies, but air timing was different!
Finally, I hope the message of the film get through, and the movie get the attention it deserves.

Philippe Aractingi interview during 'Venice film Festival'