Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lebanese Film Festival

The Lebanese Film Festival is scheduled between 23-26 August at Metropolis Cinema. The program is rather interesting with some guest entries by Foreign Directors notably by Asghar Farhadi (Whose name was incorrectly misspelled in the programme!). This 10th edition of the festival has gathered a rich collection  of genre from documentaries, music videos, shorts, ...
Unfortunately, even though the only official language in Lebanon is Arabic, the organizers decided to discard the Lebanese official language from the released programme.

Update: The festival was doomed with an unfortunate organization challenged with major technical problems which spoiled some screenings (e.g. The Virgin Butterfly) and few entries were worthy and or politically motivated rather than artistic. The meeting with Nadine Labaki was strangely similar to a press kit of a movie instead of a real interview. We hope that next years bring a better organization and a richer "in competition" selection.