Sunday, July 8, 2007

Falafel - فلافل

Falafel Trailer

Falafel (Arabic: فلافل ) is a film directed by Michel Kammoun. This film tells the story of a young Lebanese who got humiliated during a party in front of his (to be) girlfriend, and seeks for vengeance afterwards.
The film was presented in many festivals, and got some honors. Notably, it was premiered during Beyrouth film festival 2006, a month after the Israeli war against Lebanon ended.
From my point of view, I found the film a bit dark since it was almost exclusively shot during the night. It was a way to show the nightlife of Lebanese youth, but also what can oppression lead to. In all, and from what the director said, the movie shows potential events (something that might or not happen in the future), but not events themselves. The story was well built, actors were well chosen, especially when it's the first role for the most of them, and for the rest of the cast, I should note that the professionals like Rafic Ali Ahmad, Adel Karam, Hiam Abou Chedid and others perfromance was outstanding, even if their appearance was relatively brief for few minutes (personally, Rafic Ali Ahmad was the one I liked the most). We should note as well the appearance of the director in a relatively short shot in the film (as the owner of the Falafel shop).
Although the film genre is a bit special, I believe that everyone can enjoy watching it.

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