Monday, October 8, 2007


"S.L.Film" Poster

So how many comedy Lebanese film you know. Till now, I know only one: S.L.Film, a long feature from the once popular TV show S.L.Shi. Unfortunately, in early 2000's, the show ended few years ago after closing the host TV station following some political conflict that time. The show consisted of short sketches caricaturing the Lebanese way of life. So the long feature came to combine all the known characters of the show into one consistent story. Many of the actors played more than one role, but the most notable acting was, with no doubt, Fadi Raaydi, who incarnated the role of both Fadia El-Sharreka and Pippo. The film is light, you wont stop laughing as long as the movie is showing, although it might require that you are aware of Lebanon's culture (and maybe the show). But you will be more than pleased in the end. The story is simple, the comedy is light, characters are lovely; in short, the best combination a comedy film can get.
Actually, the actors are working in some other similar kind of shows (you can consider them as a "fork" of S.L.Shi) or even talk-shows. Director Shadi Hanna is now directing some TV shows on Rotana TV, and music video clips.
I found that the film was a successful comedy experience, and a bit disapointed that no other comedy films have been produced since!

P.S. I'm launching a call joining the two others for anyone who have the trailer of this movie, as well as the original score and its music video (very funny one) to contact me.

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ah SL SHI i love them