Saturday, July 25, 2009

Young Talent

Demo Reel by Nareg Kalenderian

Special effects in Lebanese films require much attention, and are in most cases absent because the industry lacks generally the tools and the professionals. Academic institutes in this small country does not give the needed priority to such specialty although it has been used extensively in Advertisement making. This did not hold Nareg Kalendrian from perfecting his talent in manipulating the 3D world to make his imaginations come to reality by creating breathtaking graphics. It's worth noting that Nareg is self-taught, yet what he achieved in his 'Demo Reel 2008' used to be made exclusively by production studios and big games companies such as Blizzard. He did not only prove that Lebanese may achieve high quality effects, but also that an individual can compete alone to match outstanding Computer Generated graphics. Currently, Nareg work as a freelancer, but his talent has caught the attention of big companies. He worked with Aljazeera on animated clips, and on some advertisements. I hope he can work his talent on a completely computer generated music video since this industry doesn't lack funding and should be considered as one way to bring talents into light.
I wish Nareg is working on completing his reel into a full feature (or medium length) film, because after enjoying seeing his vision, we find ourselves in need to find the story behind. I understand the amount of resources such a project takes, but I also believe that when presenting this piece to producers they will be more than happy to collaborate with this young talent.

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