Friday, November 30, 2012

Last Valentine in Beirut - آخر فالنتين في بيروت

Official trailer for Last Valentine in Beirut

This parody movie is the first feature by Salim El-Turk. The director of music-videos "Ajmal Ehsas" and "Enti Mchiti" came up with a movie over-saturated with sarcasm. The feature by El-Turk may be compared roughly to S.L.Film with a difference that it's not backed by a satire T.V. show. The use of stereoscopic filming (marketed as 3D) was somewhat unnecessary as it has steered the director to emphasize on depth effects in scenes even when such effects were of no added value (noted as well in the movie), besides it bloats the ticket price and obliges viewers to leave the theater with a headache after wearing uncomfortable glasses. IMHO, this 19th century "new 3D filming technology" didn't reach the maturity phase yet in order to be embraced by artists. The plot was enjoyable, but the director would've squeeze better performance from its cast including himself. The audience will have fun watching this feature. They will feel the "depth" in the "3D images", but "depth" will be missed in the plot.

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