Sunday, July 1, 2007

Caramel - سكر بنات

The trailer of Caramel by Nadine Labaki

I was able to watch this movie, the first feature movie by Nadine Labaki. I highly recommend watching it. In fact, no 5 minutes pass without laughing, but this doesn't mean that there were no strong drama scenes. Actors were too good, although it's the first experience for the majority. Everything was very well done from lighting, costume design, music, cinematography, storyline, ... I was really impressed in the way the director/writer choose to end the movie with this great last scene (the one just before the credits), for me I found it too strong, yet very beautiful.
In short this film is a success!!

After the projection Anne-Dominique Toussaint explained that the film was sold up to 35 countries including US and major European countries. It is expected to start showing in France starting august 14. Unfortunately, it was delayed in Lebanon due to current events, although it was planned to be released June 14.

N.B. If you wish to see the movie in an avant-premiere, it is planned to screen as the opening movie of the festival Paris Cinema 2007 (3-14 July).

You can found here and here the press conference at Cannes 2007 and the Film projection at Cannes during the Directors' Fortnight session (La Quinzaine des Realisateurs).
Don't forget to check the wikipedia article as well.

Update: A short trailer with french subtitltes is available now, as well as some trailers on the official website. You can find them as well here or below.
The Film has been scheduled to be released in the US on February 1st 2008. The US trailer can be found here.
La bande-annonce sous-titrée en français est désormais disponible sur le site officiel du film ou ici.

"Caramel" Music video


Anonymous said...

i voted great lebanese moove becuz consider that we had a long time that ower moove industy was dead and sudently the last 5 years showed a boom in the moove industre and started making such great mooves for a new start i u know what i mean

Anonymous said...

what i ment is that they can do better for sure but for now with the evry thing being build from nothing basicly it is great

Anonymous said...

It looks like a great film. I hope it comes to the cinemas in Australia: Melbourne & Sydney.

Unknown said...

I love this movie Caramel!

Just saw it with an friend last saturday in Utrecht/Holland, and she loverd it too. Now I want to see it again. it inspires me.

Thanks you Nadine Labaki, I will look forward to your 2nd movie :)
(ps: can the police-officier be in it again?)

Ps: the music is also very beautiful, thank you Khaled Mouzannar!

Go see it!
Groeten Jolanda, the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

for god sake look what is going on in lebanon tody. i meamn people are dying from the war. does anybody care anymore. god is doing this to lebanon because of all the sin that people are doing. are there more bad movies like this so maybe god will demplish somthing called lebanon one day.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely delightful movie! Watched it many times in cinemas, and today I got my DVD :) Excited to watch it yet again at home this time!

Anonymous said...

you can download the film here
high quality DVDRiP